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30 Jun


Do you ever find yourself overthinking things and never taking any action? Is it difficult for you to get up and get your shit done? Are you wondering how the fuck do other people accomplish ALL this shit and I can’t even start working out!?!?!? Or something else that you really don’t want to do. 


No one wants to do anything that they don’t want to do. You are not excused. This rule applies to you to. You have to start adulting and start to accept that you will have to do things that you do not want to do in order to continue living.

It’s officially mid-summer and it’s time for you to start changing habits that do not serve you. Swapping them out for new, shiny, habits, & better ways of thinking that will help you get shit done for the rest of the summer… and beyond.

My hope is that I can share some of the mindset methods I use to be a doer, action taker, life liver, and in reading thru these strategies you might find a few that you would like to adopt or customize to your lifestyle and start acting on your goals. Ok, let’s do the do.


1. 💡Ideas Must Be Converted Into Action💡

Ideas, thoughts and dreams are unfortunately, not enough for things to change. You actually have to do the work to make those ideas, thoughts, and dreams, into REALITY.

How did I arrive at such a bold conclusion? Why by personal experience, of course! I am an idea person. I have lightbulbs going off 24x7 people. Ideas out the wazoo. Coming up with ideas is fun!

Sitting on your couch with a friend and writing down notes on a big Europe trip you dream of taking is exhilarating! Strategizing about that app idea of yours is “totally going to change the world” feels great!  

While these ideas offer a sense of accomplishment, freedom, pursuit to happiness, ask yourself how many ideas am I really acting on? When I ask myself this question, the answer is, my idea phase was the beginning & end of the “next amazing _______”. 

This realization, you must act on your ideas, basic as it may seem, has had the biggest impact on my life. If I act on an idea within a small time-frame (say 48 hours), I am much more likely to accomplish it… this change in approach completely changed the way I live. Don’t be content just planning & thinking about it … DO IT!


Thinking of planning a big trip to Europe? Instead of writing down all the places you want to visit, start looking at actual hotels and airfare prices, start a budget… start getting real.  Want to launch that app that will change the world? Start by looking at what it would cost to develop it. Start acting.  In a board meeting and have a great idea? Shout it out!

2. 🌱Growth Must Be Constant & Continual🌱

By not taking action on our mental thoughts and plans, we’re literally, making an active decision to stay right where we are and not grow.

Living in the “no growth zone” is a human “no go zone,” this is another key realization that also changed my life. It’s SO SIMPLE but when you consistently and consciously think about the effect of not doing something, it can bring things into a whole new perspective. 


Grab some paper, a pen then consider your current situation where I’m sure there’s something you want to change.  Write it down. Then consider the thing you’ve been thinking about doing or creating. Write it down.  Then reflect on the ways that carrying out that task or idea can impact your life. WRITE THE SHIT DOWN.

If you don’t act, nothing will change. Let that settle in. It’s a simple mindset observation but for me, it was life altering. My biggest frustration is lack of growth and gaining an awareness and appreciation for the reality of things, struck a chord deep down inside of me.

So, whatever it is in your life that motivates you to improve, think of that when considering doing or not doing something and reflect on the way it affects you. Pick up a pen and paper and WRITE about it if necessary.

3. 🙅🏻‍♀️Perfectionism Has Got To Go🙅🏻‍♀️

Hopefully, as I shared in numero uno you can stop romanticizing upon ideas and go further, to execute & take action. Don’t allow perfect be the enemy of progress. Perfect will never be here, nor will it ever get here. So, you might as well, get poppin’ on life.

Accept that what you do will not be perfect right away! Challenge your perfectionism. Instead of planning each step of your journey, plan macro goals after the journaling activity in numero two. Don’t waste time flushing out the goals to a micro detail, just execute.  Our goal is to TAKE ACTION and DO IT! 

4. 🙌🏼 Be Resilient, Diligent, And Dynamic 🙌🏼

Think about what you want to happen in your life, take your life out of the planning phase and propel it into the TAKING ACTION phase.

Once you step out, step up, into the life you want to live, you will have to be prepared for failure, along with success. This again, is a fact of reality. Failing at one thing, does not need to spread into the rest of your life. It does not mean that you’re not good at anything. You have to be resilient and use any failure as an opportunity to analyze what happened, where things went awry, so you can make sure not to repeat the same error again in the future.

This resilience, you’ll need to pair that with diligence. In order to convert thoughts into action, it takes a dogged determination to make things happen. It will take effort. It will be hard. You will think why am I doing this, sometimes. Everyone does. This is normal. Remain determined to achieve your goals. 

Finally, being able to bounce back from failure and the ability to single mindedly pursue your ideas, must always be checked by reality. If your idea doesn’t make sense anymore, you have to be dynamic enough to pivot and adapt your thinking to work for you. 

5. 🤷🏻‍♀️Stop Giving Up!🤷🏻‍♀️

You need to be tenacious. For me, patience is no longer the most important attribute. Be patient on your long-term journey, but tenacious and hungry in your execution. 

TAKING ACTION must happen. Being tenacious means embracing a cycle of planning, acting, understanding, learning, adjusting and repeating. Again and again and again.


Light a sparkler.  IGNITE yourself in whatever way you can to TAKE ACTION. Instead of thinking daunting thoughts of uphill climb, light that spark, remind & ignite yourself to take action. Use the steps are above to help you!  No excuses!  Let’s TAKE ACTION together! 

xoxo, Alia.

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