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Alia Sobel is the founder of Two Word Story a Mindset Mantra & one of the many tools to live the Rebel Soul way. Chicago girl living in Philly married 13 years, a proud Mama, Best Selling Author of Legacy Speaks & the Rebel Soul Journal, Master Reiki Energy Healer & teacher, Soul Intuitive & Life Coach, Yoga Teacher (the Classy Boujee Ratchet kind), Mindset Interrupter, & above all else, creator of Two Word Story.


Her mission is to empower women, especially Mamas, to honor their R.E.B.E.L. (Radiant. Elated. Balanced. Empowered. Loved) Soul. She helps women rebelliously fall in love with themself & confidently know what they have to do to feel REBEL - Radiant. Elated. Balanced. Empowered. Loved.  Become your own Guru.


Alia ignites the light, keeping that Rebel Soul spark ablaze within you, manifesting the life you are SO worthy of!! Alia is an Author of Legacy Speaks and the Rebel Soul Journal (on Amazon). She holds space through a 1:1 Rebel Soul Rebirth Life Coaching, Rebel Soul Reiki School for certification, Rebel Soul Reiki energy Sessions & Spiritual Retreats (currently planning The Elevate Retreat in Scottsdale/Sedona - Oct 2022).

Rebel Soul


It's time to live your best SOUL'S life. You are love and light.

Your energy should feel sparkly, magical & fresh.


Two Word Story

Embracing a Healthy Mindset. Two Words at a Time.

Rock Maze

Two Word Story is where it all began.  This two word mantra was created through my own journey of struggle with mental health.  This is one tool in your energy tool box, a Mindset Mantra for your mind, a mantra created by you for you. This truly became a Movement with a globally growing community empowering each other to share their story, authentically & fearlessly.  This global movement strives to achieve better understanding, confidence, love, positivity, togetherness amongst our communities.  The Two Word Story mindset method can help regain control of your thoughts when your mind goes to a difficult place. Find calm amidst chaos, combat anxieties, manifest what your soul needs.  Phase up in life not down.  

Alia's journey evolved into becoming yoga + reiki certified, offering interactive workshops, spiritual retreats, 1:1 energy sessions and reiki certifications. She is also a co-written best selling author of Legacy Speaks and the Rebel Soul Journal.

*It's time to live your best SOUL's life. #RebelSoul

TWO WORD STORY is a simple, potent, & powerful mindset mantra. Start your day the right way, make the decision to set your mind on positivity. It's much easier than you think, pick TWO WORDS that will propel, focus, & empower you throughout the day.

Once you've set your TWO WORD STORY, repeat it all day. Having this center will allow you to keep calm under pressure, achieve your goals, & spread positivity everywhere you go.


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Alia is deeply passionate about supporting and facilitating change for those that she works with. This lady practices what she preaches, too! Her TWO WORDS drive her every day. She comes with vast reserves of energy and positivity to catalyze change, coach, and care.

— Chantelle Fitzgerald



Alia is a Reiki Master Teacher, Channeler, & Soul intuitive focused on energy healing & soul mentorship.  Through her own healing journey she found the MANY self care, healing & aligning benefits Reiki provides.  


A single session is 60-90 minutes, clears stress, anxiety, confusion, stagnant, past trauma energy, realigns your 7 major chakras for mind body soul alignment & at the end she shares the divine messages for you from the higher realm. A very shifting and incredible experience.

A reiki certification can be level 1 or both level 1 & 2.  A Reiki attunement, certification is a sacred, magical, deep connection to your soul & your life journey.  It truly is the deepest soul alignment one can achieve through energy work & Alia mentors you through the entire attunement process. You will have lifetime support and connection to her & higher realms of consciousness.


Lastly, if you are looking for deeper Reiki energy healing + life coaching click here for the Rebel Soul Rebirth into 5D Consciousness.  

If you are unsure to book a single energy session, certification or soul life coaching click here for a discovery call.

I would love to meet your beautiful soul.  Book a session below!

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