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01 Oct

Ohhhh hello friends!!!

October is the month for magic, monsters, witches, and goblins. Why not make some magic in your own life while the season is upon us? Mindset Magic is all about setting yourself up for success by harnessing the magic we all have within us. 

In celebration of the anniversary month for Two Word Story being shared I am sharing mindset magic with you all. This Hocus Pocus, the magic, this is ALL YOU! 

5 Ways To Tap Into Mindset Magic This Fall...


The power of positivity is real, making sure that you get a daily dose of focus and positivity first thing in the morning is essential. If you haven’t already started using the Two Word Story mindset mantra technique. Now is the time.

Pick Two Words. Repeat them all day, let them drive and recharge you to accomplish all that you have set out to do. Level up and start saying your mantra out loud, all the time. Speaking words aloud, give them power and life. You lose nothing by trying this. Let me know what happens in the comments!!!


The less thinking that you do alone in your head the better. Have a journal nearby at all times. Write down the thoughts, see where it takes you. Much like speaking a word aloud, when you write down the phrases and ideas rattling around in your head, you have given them life, by committing the words to paper. 

I love journaling because it is an adventure, it DOES take me places I did not know I would end up in. Most times when I sit down to journal, my only intention is to express myself. As I write, the knots I’ve been trying to tease out in my mind, clearly reveal themselves to me once written. This is a powerful form of Mindset Magic that I practice daily. 

Don’t take my word for it. Push yourself to try this intentional exercise yourself. It is that important. Set an achievable goal, maybe you’re only able to journal once a week. That’s ok. Keep that commitment and ease into it, by joining in Sunday Gratitude Magnitude...

SUNDAY GRATITUDE MAGNITUDE → many of you may have seen the Gratitude Magnitude list that I post every Sunday. It’s so grounding for me to reset on what I am grateful for before the beginning of every week. Join in by jotting down your own list, take a snap, post to your story, and tag @aliasobel_twowordstory. We’re gonna magnify all the gratitude!


Mindset Magic often works best when bolstered by the physical magic of the human body. What the heck do I mean? Your body is the most perfect machine on earth, would you let your Ferrari sit in the garage and just fall into disrepair? Oh hellllll noh. Same goes for you. Don’t neglect your machine.

Simply taking a walk, riding one of those weird scooters, or nearly injuring yourself on some rollerblades trying to dance to Chet Faker - Gold (true story, if you haven’t seen the music video click that link!!!), all count as movement. 

When you move forward literally with your body, it has a dual affect and allows you to clear your mind and move forward with your thoughts, as well. If you’ve got writer's block, try taking a walk. This is some real magic, more often than not you will return to your work refreshed and without the block that was preventing you from completing what you were doing.


Meditation is such a hot buzz word these days, but you can relax, I'm not gonna bore you here. Being mindful and meditating are one in the same and they do not require that you are sitting pretzel legs and chanting, “Ooooohhhhhmmmmmm,” while a Buddhist monk does that bowl sound.

We is real here. Try getting a pumpkin. Stop all the thoughts and focus only on gutting, then cutting that orange guy. Don’t let your mind wander. Allow yourself to become completely immersed in what you are doing. 

Being mindful actually means, being free of your mind. You’re not thinking about anything. There is only this moment. The mental freedom from incessant thinking gives your conscious mind the break it needs to not break. For real.

Back to the pumpkin. Let yourself get super into it and carve that bad boy into the best damn pumpkin you ever did see. Light up some magic (a candle) and change that pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern. Stand back. Look at what you have created. Stay there in that moment as long as you want.


Are you someone who loves people? Overcommits? Undercommits? Doesn’t commit? No matter where you fall, maintaining healthy social ties with friends, family, and the community (eeeek you might meet new people) help you to continue growing as a person.

Say yes to things. Honor the commitment. In all my years on this earth, my experience has been that whenever I’m tired and don’t want to go to an event or obligation, but still go, I am ALWAYS glad I did. I leave the engagement feeling uplifted and energized by the interaction.

We sometimes trick ourselves into not doing things that are outside of our comfort zones (no, it’s not just you, we all do this), so work some Mindset Magic from within. Push yourself. Pick an activity you’ve always wanted to do, but have always been too “scared” to try. I would love you to post back a comment about how things went. I can promise you that you will surprise yourself and be proud of yourself. We all need more opportunities to be proud of ourselves.

Make Mindset Magic!

No matter how you chose to work you Mindset Magic this fall, commit to trying at least one of the above suggestions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’d love to hear about your experience in a comment or on IG or wherever you please (I’m EVERYWHERE, lol).

I wrote this blog for you. I wrote this blog for me. I’m taking advantage of the new opportunities the season presents and can’t wait to dive into my magical mind.



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