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03 Mar


Hey!!!! Thanks to all the FEARLESS WOMEN who turned out this Saturday for this first Babes + Brunch Two Word Story Workshop! It was a phenomenal turn out and all the ladies were fierce AF.

At the event, we had a group of about 50 ladies who brunched while Sabrina (my right hand lady) and I trained our group of Two Word Story Leaders. After brunch all the Leaders lead break out sessions for the ladies who were brunching while we trained. 

The most incredible thing happened during the training and was so unexpected, it reaffirmed that the Two Word Story Positivity Movement really has some punch and power. We came from diverse background, and locales (Sab flew in!), but what we found is that we all were very, very, similar. Sharing the same struggles and insecurities. It was balm for my soul to feel the instantaneous solidarity in the room and the fraternity between this Tribe of Women. 

All of these ladies were truly fearless → when I asked them to dig deep and come back with TWO WORDS, everyone blew me away. Every, single, woman, had a very deep, moving, heartfelt explanation behind her Two Word Story and yes, there we all were tearing up → Why? Again, we could all connect and relate to one another because it is #TRUTH that we are more the same, than we are different. Knowing you are not alone in your feelings and perceptions gives a FREEDOM. It was so uplifting and emotional in the most unexpectedly joyus way.

It was a safe place, where everyone was accepted and understood. This is MAGIC. It meant so much to see that within this Tribe of Women → not a single person was catty or rude, there were no dirty looks (everyone was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, not exaggerating at all), all jealousies seemed to evaporate in the magic of the moment. 

There was a palpable, overwhelming aura of support, mutual admiration, and respect between us all. It’s rare to find that sort of pure transparency and genuine good will. In a world where everyone can compare their lives via social media, it’s easy to become competitively jealous → this did not happen. We truly celebrated each other and were happy for each other.

I was so proud that Philly Women came out and repped so hard. It was pure pride when Sabrina (who has never been to Philly before) expressed her absolute astonishment about the community (in general) and The Tribe of Fearless Women (in particular) → she was shocked how authentic, kind, and open every, single person was. 

This is a shining example of what Women can accomplish when we combine our powers and support one another. Happy National Women’s Week! Get you some bubbly and celebrate!








Thanks Alia! I really enjoyed myself and two word story will be something I do all the time!!! We will definitely link up and do something together!




Alia Thank YOU for sharing your process and wonderful energy with us all. And Thank you @sydneygrims @danimaiale @aliasobel for bringing such an inspiring group of ladies together on Saturday.




I felt like my emotions were drained but my heart was so full after the event!

Megan Armstrong



Today I had the opportunity to lead a group of amazing women in creating their personal two word mantra. A two word mantra is a positive affirmation that you repeat to yourself throughout the day resulting in a positive mindset. Today mine was, "FEEL LIBERATED." Thank you @sydneygrims @aliasobel and @danimaiale for bringing us all together ☺️




Feeling hella good and grateful after yesterday’s @fearlessrestaurants Women’s Network event🤘🏼living my two word story this afternoon but GETTING IT done (blog posts, emails, learning, etc). Thank you @sydneygrims, @danimaiale and @aliasobel for making so much magic happen ✨

Anna Laura



It was SO AMAZING meeting you today!!! You crushed it! So so happy we’ve connected! ❤️❤️❤️❤️




O W N I N G// power was my two word story at today’s Fearless Women’s Network Brunch. A two word story as explained by the amazing creator @aliasobel is basically two words that you use that describe your day-whether they are empowering, positive or just silly and fun-they are two words, that end up meaning so much more. It took me a minute to get to my two word story, but once I did it made so much sense. Owning power~my power~is what got me to this event today and why I was so happy to be apart of it. I’m so grateful to @sydneygrims for asking me to be apart of this event and to join such a unique and diverse group of women. I met so many cool girls from different cities, jobs + backgrounds but we were all able to make sincere connections with one another. It’s kinda crazy what happens when you get a bunch of women in a room at once, we either bite each other’s heads off or become instant best friends, and today was definitely the latter❤️

Sydney Grims



I  CAN do anything cause that's just the #TRUTH.

Dani Maiale



It’s always been something I lived by! I try to make the most of everything whether it is getting a lot of things done at work or through blogging or trying to reconnect with people I haven’t in awhile ! It means so many things and that’s why I love it! Celebrating International Women’s Day a week early with a bubbly brunch at @louielouiephl ! 🥂 Thank you to all the ladies who came out today & to all the speakers as @sydneygrims and I hosted another successful event! 🖤 It was so inspiring to hear your stories in the small group discussions - you girls are absolutely beautiful 🥰❣️!

Alex Butler



Had SO much fun meeting the absolute sweeeetest girls this weekend at @louielouiephl. Good laughs and good times! The fabbbb @aliasobel has this incredible vision where she gets you to discover your two word mantra. Discovered that my two word story is : change plans. Sometimes we have all these plans for our life and maybe not everything goes as planned. And that’s ok. :) sometimes life turns out evennnn BETTER than what you planned. ❤️ 

Nina Oliva


LOVE MY CITY, and all the beautiful people in it 💕 met some pretty amazing people at @louielouiephl event today. Who’s coming with me next time?! 🙌🏼

Jennifer Grace



Yesterday was magical!! Taking part in the first Fearless Women’s event to celebrate International Women’s Day was so special! Thank you @sydneygrims @danimaiale and @aliasobel for such an incredible event !!!

Becca Scholes



Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Fearless Women’s Network brunch at @louielouiephl hosted by @danimaiale @fearlessrestaurants and with @aliasobel. My two words were “Love You.“ The journey to self love and knowing your worth can be difficult. It took me years to get out of the self loathing and self pity hell hole to really understand that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for every single one of us. To learn more about my story, check it out on the blog- link the in bio ❤️




I’m looking for a new job and the search has been more difficult than I anticipated. I also feel like while being in my mid-late twenties is a great time, it’s also really scary and you can feel totally alone while everyone around you is getting engaged, etc. I recently had an artist do a digital portrait of me and she used the phrase, nevertheless she persisted. So I always try to think of that during hard times.

Alexa Mignogna



WHY NOT?! ... In the past, I said no to, or put off potentially great opportunities due to of a lot doubt in myself, fear of failure, and comparing myself to others (especially after being exposed to social media.) I put off launching my blog for 5 years, I put off quitting a job I was miserable at, I didn’t take certain opportunities when I had the chance... all which left me with a lot of regret! Over the past few years, I’ve learned that life is short and when you start saying “WHY NOT” to opportunities, you start to live better and without regrets ❤️


TWO WORD STORY is about mindset, gaining a different perspective on where, who, or how you want to be. If you can get your mind right, you can accomplish anything. Overarching themes in most TWO WORD STORY'S were the desire to have more power, agency, and control over who you are, where you're going, and how you're getting there. Given the patriarchal nature of American culture, our Tribe of Fearless Women need more than anything to support and promote each other. 

You are #EVERYTHING, don't forget it. 

So, it's this simple: 

  1. Mindset reset
  2. Keep in the front of our minds that the only impediment to our growth, expansion, achievement, lie within the limitations we consciously and unconsciously put on ourselves
  3. Break free from your mind 
  4. Stop limiting yourself 
  5. Go out there SLAY ALL DAY #WERK 


              xoxoxo ALIA

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