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08 Mar

An Open Letter to All Women 


On this International Women’s Day,  this open letter is to all of of my sisters far and wide, written with love, respect in honor of your pivotal role in the world. As I write, I'm inspired thinking of my daughter, the powerful woman she will become because of the powerful women I surround her with as role models. This is written for her, for you, and most of all for me. Nothing moves without always kindling and keeping the fire of your own passion and inner confidence BLAZING.

My Wishes for All Women 

  • Love Yourself.

  • Know you are beautiful. Really own it. It’s not about your size, shape, color of hair or skin. It’s about being yourself and being healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Don’t judge other women. You don’t know their history, their motivation or their struggles.

  • Support women owned businesses and women in their careers.

  • Equally, support women who choose to stay home with their kids.

  • Please don’t judge her for her choices.

  • Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats - don’t compete. There’s room for all of us in any sphere. It’s a big world.

  • Take good care of you. Don’t keep putting others (or your work) first to your own detriment. You will be of no help anyway once you get sick because you didn’t.

  • Please, please please - reduce your stress so you are here longer.

  • Grow your confidence - Really notice your accomplishments, those who love you and want to be with you.

  • Know you are far more capable than you think you are, and far more worthy.

  • Take some down time - to reflect, sit in gratitude, get a massage, take a walk and just think. Or to just be.

  • Turn off your electronics and just be quiet for a little while every single day.

  • Love hard.

  • Dream big.

  • Ignore the naysayers.

  • Remember, yes you can!

  • No man or woman is worth sacrificing your self worth or dignity for — there are plenty of people out there who will love you for who you are.

  • Cultivate rich friendships remembering you will be like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.

  • Remember that resentment can only grow within you - and it’s because of your own choices.

  • Forgive those who have hurt you. It’s the best gift you can give yourself. (And there’s nothing that’s going to change what happened. Reliving it is only giving it more power over you.)

  • Set boundaries.

  • Set boundaries. (It bears repeating.)

  • Have no regrets.

  • There’s your biological age, and your chronological age - and they don’t have to be the same. Take your health seriously so that you enjoy every day in a healthier body.

  •  Give that negative voice in your head its' walking papers. Speak to yourself as you would to someone you love.

  •  Know that you do attract what you spend the most time thinking about. Again, choose wisely.

  •  Not everyone has to like you.

  • Be kind.

  • Be strong (they are not opposites.)

  • Be Yourself. If you don't know who you are, find out. Let your freak flag fly.

  • Be an advocate for women all over the world.

  • Pay attention to what is going on in and to our world. Our earth is a fragile environment that is being destroyed. Do your part.

  • Wallow in the beauty and strength of being a woman. There’s no one else like you in the Whole. Wide. World. Then CELEBRATE BEAUTY!

Please remember you are here on this planet for a reason, (likely, for several). It may not have shown up yet, but it will. Or maybe it is there but you missed it because you are too afraid to see yourself in all of your glory. (Our subconscious may choose not to see the opportunities, the compliments or the acts of bravery you make every day.)

As women, we too often are taught (especially older women) to be quiet or feminine. To be nice. Not to be boastful, proud, loud or too sexy, (but just sexy enough.) Well, here’s what I want to say: be as boastful, proud, loud or sexy as you want. Or not. Remember, feminine is what you define it as — not what society or the media tells you it is.

Beauty truly comes from within. When you love yourself, you are beautiful. When you are in your power, you are beautiful. When you love the body you are in - no matter its size or shape, you are beautiful.

And know this: it’s doing the world more harm than good to be shy about your accomplishments, not to ask for what you want, not to set boundaries and especially, not to love yourself.

By now, we’ve all heard the Dalai Lama said that the world will be saved by the western woman. Well, it’s time to step into all of your glory and take your role. It might be on a stage, or behind the scenes, but it will be in your genius — in who you are and what you came here to do. Own it. Please, for all of our sake's.

The more we can support women all over the world, the more peaceful our world will be. Consider donating to organizations that support women’s education or health. Our sisters here and in other countries need us. Let’s be there for them. Let's help them create peace, wherever they are. If a girl can't go to school, it's much harder for her to make change.

With deep love & gratitude for your role in the world,

♥️ Alia XOXO ♥️

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