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21 May

Turn arooouunndddd. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming round. Turn arooouuunndd.. Aha! Got you! Admit it, you sang it. Haha. But, we are talking about another kind of eclipse here. Not your heart but of the moon. This Wednesday, May 26th, is a total Lunar Eclipse. This is the first lunar eclipse of 2021 and it is powerful being a TOTAL lunar eclipse. 

This is a deeply transformative time. Eclipse energy is powerful enough to alter the direction of your life & propel you into a whole new phase.

Lunar eclipses are powerful teachers. If changes need to be made in your life, this eclipse is going to set that in motion. It will push things along that could cause abrupt changes & endings for the better.

Whatever comes up for you, trust that you are exactly on your path. Even if you don’t understand it, or can’t see why something is happening.

Trust that the Universe has your back & you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

With this eclipse comes the final purge we need to make in our lives in order to enter fully into our next new beginning–which is coming with the arrival of another eclipse on June 10 swinging into the summer solstice. A literal sunny and symbolically bright bright time ahead. As you read this if you feel stuck please reach out. We can clear energy & get you unstuck, help you release what is no longer serving you, feel peaceful and calm. There is no reason you need to feel unsure. Your soul is supposed to thrive and smile. It is your birthright!

Soooooooo hold onto your hats this week. It could be a bit of an intense ride. 

Just remember to take extra gentle care of yourself for the next couple of weeks & listen really closely to what your spirit needs.

And remember … a New You is being born.

And anyone who’s given birth can tell you, being born can be a messy, painful business LOL. But woo-eee it is gorgeous in the end. And so worth it!! **(a suggested Two Word Story Rebel Soul practice is to go on a social media hiatus during high energy times & especially with the mercury retrograde on May 29 just after this BIG Moon it is a perfect time to retreat. It can be a 2 day, a weekend, a week or longer social media cleanse). 

The moon has hidden power and influence to our emotions and intentions. Therefore, you should trust the direction it’s guiding you in because that means it is where you need to be. It could mean the time to leave your comfort zone in order for you to grow and succeed. Cleanse, let go of the emotions and attachments that are no longer serving you.

Eclipses are rare as it needs the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon to be all aligned. Therefore, take the chance to welcome change and appreciate the harmony it signifies. Below are some journal prompts & a sweet, lovely ritual you can perform to tap into the energy of this powerful time. (And, don’t feel pressured to do these today or not at all. I firmly believe we can honor these sacred days, and tap into their energy, around the time of the eclipse. Because, you know … life.)

Blessed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Moon rituals to manifest positive changes in your life:


Purify your space and energy with sage, palo santo, incense. Let the smoke cleanse your mind, body, and soul. If you do not have any you can find a local crystal shop or order on amazon!! 

Prepare incense or herbs like rosemary, lavender, and juniper.

What you need to do: 

  1. Write a list of your limiting beliefs. Let this flow. Become aware of what you are thinking that holds you back and is negative self talk. This is for the release part ;)
  2. Light up your incense or herbs. 
  3. Waft the smoke around yourself, and then go to the corners of your home, even your electronic devices. 
  4. Set your lunar intentions as you walk around your home. 
    • “I release any and all energy that no longer serves me.”
    • “I call in abundance for this new season ahead”. 
  5. Once done wafting the smoke all throughout your home and wherever you feel guided, open a window or a door to let out old energy and welcome new energy.


You don’t need anything for this meditation. A quiet space and ten minutes of your precious time will be all. Read through this in its entirety and as you move through, sit with each step, imagine, let your subconscious mind come through. 

  1. Find a quiet space and comfortably sit. 
  2. Close your eyes. 
  3. Take deep breaths to allow your heart rate to slowly decrease. Breath in through your nose and out with your mouth.
  4. Trust your power to imagine that you are being lifted up and out of your body.
  5. Continue to imagine without judgements and fly through the sky towards the moon.
  6. Did you land on the moon already? Now, take a walk around. 
  7. Imagine a woman in all white walking towards you, the moon messenger.
  8. She is there to deliver a message to you so ask with an open heart and mind about what the full moon eclipse wants you to release to fulfill your full potential and why now is the right time. 
  9. Now, imagine a manifestation that you want to release next to the moon angel. Anything you want to let go of. A relationship, a job, whatever is blocking you. 
  10. The moon angel pulls out a beautiful selenite crystal sword. 
  11. You saw a black string connecting you to a habit or a person. She asks permission to cut it. 
  12. You nod and allow her to cut off the connection. The string turned into ashes. 
  13. You and the moon angel shared a genuine hug, telling you that she is proud of you. 
  14. Now that the ritual is done, allow yourself to return back to your body. 

In doing these rituals, you need to have a clear mind to magnify a positive energy. Remember that you are empowered with the ability to choose what you can do with your energy.

You have the free will and you can definitely use it to your advantage. So, create magic and align yourself with the universe. 

I’d love to help create a flow of thoughts for your journal in relation to the coming eclipse. Below are a few questions to start the ponder & meditate with. Dive deeper in with the Moon Babes Club Moon Journal Prompts as well.

Take time to reflect on any emotions or feelings you are currently experiencing. Be honest and pure! Most importantly, be intentional!

Where do I feel a certain blockage in my life?

How can I proudly wear & live my passions and desires?

How do I use my energy? Does it empower me and magnify my desires?

Trust whatever is unfolding in your life. Learn to explore deeply to open the ultimate possibilities you are meant to indulge in. Let your internal awakening cultivate an illuminating connection with the universe. 

Dive a bit deeper with the Moon Babes Club journal prompts for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

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