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01 Jun

Divine Splendor & The Pursuit of Clarity

Clarity, I’ve had it on my mind recently. I’ve had so many people asking me about what it is that I’m doing? What is this Two Word Story? What is this Positivity Movement you speak of? It’s time to hash it all out and elaborate on what’s up with Alia. But really #WhoIsAliaSobel #WhoCares 😂😂😂

First, I wanted to take a second to examine ‘clarity’: the word clarity’s origins and definitions. The modern English definition we think of clarity as a word which indicates a quality of being coherent & intelligible, certain & definite, or transparent & pure. However, clarity has Latin roots! Originating from clarus and claritas, clarity is possessing a sense of glory, DIVINE SPLENDOR. 

In this blog, when I mention clarity I’m referring to the original definition, striving for understanding, trying to find the glory, divine splendor that embraces us all and makes the world go round. How do you draw out divine splendor though? How can I find the glory in pursuing SELF & Passion Purpose?

Journaling for Clarity, to Find My Passion Purpose

If you don’t know, I am all about elegant simplicity. I don't have a complex process or formula for uncovering clarity, it's basic and quite simple: start journaling. There is truth in the words that are written and once on paper, thoughts very quickly transform into action and purpose.

Finding my Passion Purpose was both slow and fast if that makes any sense. I started with no plan in particular, but with the burning desire to start writing down what was in my heart & mind. Every. Single. Day.  

As I continued to write I remembered how much I love writing. For any purpose. I found in my journaling that using Two Words to set the tone for my day, not only gave me something to write about, but actually started making my life: easier, more fun, structured, approachable, sustainable, slayable. 

My Passion Purpose, born from journaling, is Two Word Story. The magic of the Two Word Mantra Mindset technique won my heart and I knew I had something wonderful, simple, and powerful to share with everyone. My Passion Purpose is spreading love and positivity. Sharing my own experiences good and bad. Connecting with other souls on the same journey to clarity. 

Clarity On Two Word Story & Alia Sobel

So, here’s what I’m up to… Two Word Story is a simple Mantra Mindset practice that I use daily, that focuses your intentions, crystalizes your goals, & charges you with the POSITIVITY you need to make it through your day!

It's simple...

  1. Pick your Two Words & enjoy the ease it brings to your day. Use your Two Words as a personal Mindset Mantra. 
  2. Repeat your Two Words throughout the day to stay motivated, empowered, & centered.

When used daily, Two Word Story, has the power to set your mind ablaze with creativity, determination, & inspiration.

My Passion Purpose that drives the Two Word Story Movement is my honest love for people and community —> I want everyone to know that your life can be positive, peaceful, joyous, and simple. #OnTheDaily. There is no gimmick, nothing to buy, just Two Words to chose as your personal mantra for the day.

Two Word Story has grown so much organically, that I feel reinforced by the universe that I am on the right path in sharing this goodness that I know works. 

Two Word Story Events & Workshops

You may have seen Two Word Story Events & Workshops popping up all over Philly. If you haven’t, keep an eye out on my site (aliasobel.com), I have so many future events in the works. Participating in an event or workshop is an immersion event for you and your group, where we get to deep dive and find words that mean something to you. Once you’ve been thru a workshop you leave energized and recharged, with TONS of new friends. I’ve been so blessed in that EVERY, SINGLE participant of any event of workshop I’ve done thus far, have been so very, very brave and open with the emotional connection they have with their Two Words. It’s an awesome experience.

Summer Satisfaction

As summer nears, we’re all excited for the nice weather and freedom from schedules… slowing down and taking the time to BBQ and get giggly with family. During this time of enjoyment stay present, be in the moment, slow down and take a moment each day to gain personal clarity. Pick your Two Words and stay grounded and focused for the day. Journal what those Two Words mean to you, on the day you use them. 

The act of writing brings about clarity, the glory of releasing internal thoughts onto paper, give life to your dreams and surround you in divine splendor.  Really, though, how good does Divine Splendor sound!?  Don’t we all want THAT!? Divine Splendor on tap 24x7 —> just pick up a pen. Write. Be free.

Wrap It Up Tie It in A Bow

  1. I’d love to continue the conversation about how you gain clarity in your own life. Please post up a comment and let’s start a dialog. 
  2. For those of you who are interested in continuing this Journaling to Clarity exercise, I GOTCHU. I’ve taken some time to create some amazing downloads with prompts to awaken the writer within you and get your creative juices flowing! COMING SOON (like literally in the next hour).
  3. Anyone who’s interested in hosting a Two Word Story Event or Workshop, I’d love to hear from you, submit This Contact Form, and we can get started talking about what sort of Two Word Story event is right for you.
  4. As always, snag a custom Two Word Story tee!! I literally have ~14. 😂😂😂 I HAVE A LOT of Two Word Stories. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼

Everyone has a story. 

When will you start telling yours?



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