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We’ve all heard of Astrology and know our Zodiac Sign, if you don’t now you will! Your birthday dictates your Sign and describes the center of your personality, what motivates and drives you, along with who you are learning to become.

Understanding astrology & the moon cycles empower you along your life journey, by helping you understand why you’re feeling a certain way each month, and allowing you to gain insight into others, by understanding their Sign.

The zodiac wheel is always moving. The moon and sun move into each sign at different times.  You can channel your sign’s cosmic power twice a month, by harnessing the energy of the new and full moon. During this time extreme amounts of energy are pouring down on us. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are all balls of energy! The energy pouring down on us from the great wide universe is felt and absorbed by all of us here on earth.

Don’t be scared by the length of this blog, there are 12 Signs (obvi)! If you’re in a rush, scroll to your Sign and read up. If you have a minute, take your time, I’ve included a section for how you can harness the characteristics of the other Signs during their season.

I hope that you learn more about yourself and more about those around you, enjoy!

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NEW MOON: Articulate Your Desires

Aries are thought-driven and mindful, they are more comfortable reading other people’s ideas more than their own. This is the time for Aries to articulate THEIR desires. Push yourself to gain clarity on your goals and what you want moving forward by expressing yourself.

FULL MOON: Listen To Feedback

Aries are natural born leaders, with a propensity to be a “know-it-all”. This means that Aries often have difficulty taking in, accepting, and integrating feedback. The best way to gauge how well you are doing is to listen to what other people are saying and how they are responding to you.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars and is our courage, assertiveness and drive. It holds a masculine energy and it moves us forward. We tend to connect emotionally inward with focus on the Self when the Sun is in Aries. The Sun is our emotions and our emotions in Aries could be impulsive and drastic. Our instincts become highly connected to our emotions and we can easily explode, so be mindful and do not try to rush too much.  Happy Aries Season!


NEW MOON: Be “Unpresentable” 

What holds a Taurus back is their need for things to seem “perfect” all the time. If you want to build something new in your life, start with a blank slate. Begin by letting the night of the new moon represent a shedding for you, a moment that reveals your true, core self. In connecting with that place, you will be able to then make choices that better align with it. In practice, not being “presentable” might mean not wearing makeup or being frank, honest, vulnerable, and revealing a less than perfect part of your life with someone.

FULL MOON: Paint Your Visions With Friends

A Taurus is so driven by visuals that the best way to choose what they want to manifest is by doing something that is just that. However, what trips a Taurus up is needing their lives to seem too perfect, that’s where being around friends comes in. Show people your process, share your dreams, share what you fear. The process will empower you by humbling you.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Taurus

Taurus Season we become more grounded, rooted and we become determined to move forward, steadily. We also become more sensual and we feel strongly about our values. In the astrology chart, Taurus is the first earth sign, in the second house and ruled by Venus. Venus is the Goddess of love and rules both Taurus and Libra. In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, sex, fertility and beauty (in greek Aphrodite). She also rules money which makes Taurus and the second house related to material and financial stability. Taurus is an earthy, grounded sign, that moves at its own pace. It takes its time to build the foundation and the security. Taurus also rules the senses and loves to indulge in beautiful things and in good foods. Taurus does everything to have stability and security and loves to accumulate possessions. Taurus is stable, reliable, down to earth, ambitious and also sensual due to its Venus nature. The downside of Taurus is its stubbornness, laziness, materialistic, possessive and frugal. A Taurean can exhibit both light and dark sides of its sign and we can always work to improve our traits and work toward the higher octave of each sign.  Happy Taurus Season!


NEW MOON: Take Yourself On A Date

It is your instinct to want to connect with people as often as you can, often it’s easy for you to forget that at the end of the day, you need to affirm yourself, you need to be there for yourself, and you need to believe in yourself. Developing this aspect of you will actually help you harness your inner power and feel less reliant on other people.

FULL MOON: Dance In The Dark

You need to completely allow your energy to course through you without judging it, trying to change it, or wondering what other people think. Turn off the lights in your house, put on your favorite song, and boogie on down. Give yourself some time to warm up, and then connect with your untapped energy potential. It’s calling for your attention.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Gemini

Gemini Season is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet. Gemini has the twin energy which is dual and airy energy. So now is a great time for communication and everything that has to do with speaking, writing and marketing. Gemini does not like to be stuck in one place and like to move around a lot. Short trips, vehicles and electronic devices are also connected to Gemini. You might acquire new things of such nature now. This can also bring an energy of indecisiveness and multi-tasking, so take the time to slow down every once in a while. Gemini is also connected to social media and we can see more interest and activity in this area of life. Gemini is all about connecting and socializing which makes this month more extroverted. Happy Gemini Season!


NEW MOON: Make A Playlist of Feels

Do you want to experience more joy in your life? Do you want to feel safe enough to mourn or grieve the loss of something? Do you want to feel excited, at ease, or happier? Whatever it may be, use the power of your raw emotions to channel it. Work on evoking them through sound.

FULL MOON: Meditate Outside

During the full moon, your emotions are at a peak. This means that you may not be able to think very clearly or really evaluate how you are doing in terms of the progression of your goals. What matters most for you right now is your ability to ground yourself. Do so by being in nature.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Cancer

Cancer season is all about going within, deeply and lovingly. Cancers are extremely empathic and pick up on all energies around them: metaphysical, spiritual, mental and emotional. This can make Cancer very prone to moodiness and sometimes overwhelming emotions, due to the absorption of energies around them. Cancers therefore have a great need to go inward, sometime become introverted, to get their energy back. Cancer energy is thus very protective, like the shell of the crab. Cancer season is all about embracing these gifts and traits, tapping into our emotions and getting deeper. Moving from the social, communicative and extrovert energy of Gemini, this allows us to get to know our own and other's emotions better. We also tap into the energy of the Great Mother: the nurturer, healer and the comfort of the womb. These weeks, take the time to enjoy the family and your personal space and home. Get comfortable and eat good and nourishing foods. Cooking with family and feeding yourself and loved ones are great during this period. Happy Cancer Season! 


NEW MOON: Write A Letter To Your Future Self

Leos are driven by their sense of self, the best way to set intentions is for them to talk to… themselves. Try writing a letter to your future self about how you feel right now, what you hope they are doing, and what you want to learn from your experience.

FULL MOON: Write A Letter To Your Past Self

Flip the exercise. Write a letter to your past self. Nothing will help you evaluate how you’re doing in life better than identifying how you’ve grown as a person. Seeing how far you’ve come is your motivation, let it fuel you at this time.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Leo

Leo Season is sun ruled & brings extroverted, fun-seeking, outgoing energy. The Sun is home in Leo and it is truly shining bright, just as you will. When Sun is in Leo, it boosts our confidence and creativity and we are more comfortable being in the spotlight and enjoying life together with our loved ones. We leave the introverted and sensitive period and move into the royal and proud Leo season. Embody the Leo energy and make sure to tap into your own inner Royalty🔮 Happy Leo Season! 


NEW MOON: Donate Old Things

This is a symbolic act for a Virgo, who is both a humanitarian at heart, yet someone who struggles to let go in their personal life. Start by releasing some belongings in your space. Feel happy to give them to other people who would love and appreciate them. The act of doing so will help you set the intention of moving on and focusing on what you can give the world.

FULL MOON: Meditate With Crystals

Virgos are the low-key adventurers of the Zodiac. It usually eludes people, but Virgos are typically very interested in anything that seems unique and different than the “norm.” Grab your crystals and head out into the full moon (FYI: crystals recharge under the glow of a full moon). Now, clear your mind and focus on the next steps you want to take, let it CRYSTALize.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Virgo

Virgo season is all about nourishment and making everyday special. Virgo holds the wisdom and has Priestess and healer energy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but while Gemini is all about communication and sociability, Virgo is about the internal processes and the mind. Virgo is also our health, so if we have neglected it and created unhealthy routines, now it is the time to get back on track again. We have to be mindful of being critical of ourselves and others and to not judge. Virgo's eye for detail can be perfect to have in some cases, but not when it comes to nitpicking oneself and others. Embrace the earth energy now, especially as we are changing seasons. Get out in nature and connect with Mother Earth.  Happy Virgo Season! 


NEW MOON: Throw Out Whatever Keeps You Off-Balance

A Libra can only feel at peace if their life is in balance. If your closet is messy, organize it. You know that junk drawer that’s been frustrating you? Clean it out. Wipe down your surfaces, light some incense, and just be in your space. Sure, there’s no way to fix everything in a single night, but given how aesthetically-oriented Libras are, starting the moon cycle with a clean, blank slate is an amazing way to start.

FULL MOON: Write A List of Intentions

Make a bullet point list of things that you want to have or experience in your life. If writing isn’t your thing, maybe make a new board on Pinterest, or cut out photos from a magazine and then make a collage. Keep these things in a place where you can see them often.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Libra

Libra Season the sign of peace, harmony and equality. It is highly relationship oriented and Libras usually compromise themselves to please others. Sun is the Self. Venus, the ruler of Libra (and Taurus) is about what we value and the pleasures of the physical existence. When we have reached the 7th house in the zodiac which Libra and Venus rules, we come to a point where it is not all about the Self, it is about the union and the duality. Me in relation with you. Twoness and relationships, both personal, romantic and business. During the Libra season we want to make sure that others are doing well and we do not like any type of drama. We want harmony and balance around us and we are getting used to the shifting of the seasons. We are more diplomatic and careful of speaking our truths if it could hurt someone else. We need to be careful to not get passive aggressive though and we need to balance being by ourselves with being with others.  Happy Libra Season! 


NEW MOON: Open Up To Your BFF About What’s Really On Your Mind

The way a Scorpio’s thoughts start to rule their lives, is when they are left to fester in the dark. By shedding light on the irrational worries, jealousies, and fears you have been carrying around, you will be freed to start imagining what you’d like to experience next.

FULL MOON: Put Yourself Out There

Take a single action step toward what you really want to be doing, but often feel too afraid to actually start doing. Use the full moon’s energy to help propel you forward. Go on a first date. Apply for a new job, or work on your résumé. Write some new music. Look for the dog you want to adopt.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Scorpio

Scorpio season is a deep water sign related to life and death, fears, deep shadows and also the mystical realms. Scorpio asks us to go deep within ourselves and we also value deeper relationships and give those more attention now. We want to be authentic and have authenticity around us and this energy releases all secrets and all that has ever been hidden. On a higher level Scorpio is about taking our personal power back, detox from that which no longer serve us and to be in touch with our deep emotions and feelings. Scorpio is also good for detailed detective work and psychology. Scorpio is passion and love manifested physically. Scorpio's lower side is the manipulative, ego-centrical and deeply destructive side of wanting to be in control of life and others. It can also be jealous and vindictive which comes up when feeling threatened or insecure.  Be sure to journal during this time to determine what you need to detox & cleanse.  Watch those feelings of self doubt & be sure to squash it.  Happy Scorpio Season! 


NEW MOON: Go For A Hike

As the adventurer of the Zodiac, the best way to clear your mind and press the “restart” button is to be outside in nature. Nature is where you can reconnect to your roots. Exploring new, uncharted ground is exactly what you need to do to plant seeds of more adventure and experience in your life.

FULL MOON: Start A New Project

You’re risk-averse because you’re a logical person, but you’re also at odds with yourself often because you crave that aforementioned adventure. Defy your logic just for one night… see where it takes you. Whatever it is that you really, really want to be doing, whether it’s for work, travel or in your relationships, use the full moon to begin taking steps toward what you want and put all of your self-doubt and second thoughts aside. 

CHANNEL: Your Inner Sagittarius

Sagittarius season is all about higher learning, travel, expansive visions and finding our own path. It is the higher octave of Gemini and wants to learn through experience. We become more confident and adventurous and want to explore life. Take this time to expand your wisdom by living and experiencing new things and shattering boundaries of our minds. Happy Sag Season!


NEW MOON: What Isn’t Working

Capricorns have the hardest time admitting when they are on the wrong path (wrong job, wrong relationship, etc.). This causes unnecessary stress. Know that admitting what isn’t working doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re ready to move onto something else.

FULL MOON: What Is Working

Are you successful in some aspect of your job, do you have a friend who you think could be a potential partner, have you found a hobby you’re passionate about, but you aren’t ready to take the dive? The flip side of admitting what’s not going well in your life is acknowledging what is. That’s what will truly clear your slate and move you forward.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Capricorn

Capricorn Season is where ambition, career and foundation lives. Capricorn is associated with the 10th house which is our Midheaven. It is about being focused on our goals and being patient with reaching them. Capricorns love structure, routines and always work hard to reach their goals. It is a great energy for leadership, partnership and business. If you have plans and goals to start your own thing or be promoted, this month is a great time to reach those goals and set intentions, especially at the Winter Solstice. Capricorns can have a tough time connecting with their emotions and with others and their opposite sign Cancer is all about being sensitive, emotions and motherly energy. There needs to be a balance created here. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the teacher. It also rules time and lessons. Sun in Capricorn gives us dependable and foundational energy.  Happy Capricorn Season!


NEW MOON: Make Amends

In your endless pursuit of greatness, it’s very possible that you’ve lost some friends, haven’t always valued your relationships, and have come across as brash now and again. Maybe you don’t need to directly apologize to someone, but set your intentions for the new cycle by connecting with people in a genuine way. Do not forget that you need others to make your dreams come true. You cannot do everything yourself.

FULL MOON: Take An Action Step Towards Your Most Unrealistic Goal

You are notorious for being an outrageously big-picture thinker and often other people talk you out of your ambitions by encouraging you to be more realistic. Use the energy of the moon to see whether or not you can make those big ideas a reality. This is the time to try.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Aquarius

Aquarius season you will logically be able to see things as they really are, and work toward solutions that bring benefit to all. You can rise above the emotional entanglements to view life from a detached and impersonal perspective. This gives you access to information that helps bring forward progress and change. When you allow yourself to see clearly the situation that is in front of you, you can offer an invaluable service, bringing down to earth “ideas from the future” that will lead to innovative change.  Think outside the box to bring freedom to your own and others' lives.  Give yourself and others permission to be, teach authenticity and respect whilst maintaining the individual freedom which is the hallmark of your sign.  Happy Aquarius Season!


NEW MOON: Feel The Feels & Have A Good Cry

No matter what it is that you need to let go of, whether it’s an old relationship you can’t admit you still care about, feelings of other people you empathize with far too much, or even just your own lingering self-doubt → set up some time to let yourself have a complete emotional release. A great way to get an emotional release rolling is by watching your favorite tear jerker romcom. Welcome the waterworks. Don’t beat yourself up for needing a night to just feel what you’re feeling.

FULL MOON: Create Something Artistic

As the creative kings and queens of the Zodiac, your energy is best spent in any kind of creative endeavor. Challenge yourself to be even more honest and expressive than you usually are. Get wild and share your work with someone that you never have before. Your gift is in what you can create for the world – work on doing so more proficiently.

CHANNEL: Your Inner Pisces

Pisces season is learning how to be in the world but not of it. You have powerful and mysterious gifts of sensitivity, insight, imagination and creativity. Used wisely, these talents will allow you to be of service, both to yourself in achieving what you want in life and also to others. Your challenge is to find ways of bringing your multi-dimensional, sensitive self into harmony with the material world by becoming clear on what you feel and maintaining appropriate boundaries.  When you hold your space and see things clearly, you can become a self-contained source of love, inspiration, and practical wisdom for all the world to share.  As you learn to take care of your own sensitivity, you nurture your imaginative and spiritual gifts. You can excel in any field that requires human understanding, whilst your deep sense of compassion will let you find outlets which allow you to serve, help and heal.  Happy Pisces Season!

So, Now You Know...

No matter what your sign is, you can use the moon & sun energy to harness the power of its energy twice every month. Challenge yourself to do the exercises for your sign this month and let me know how it went. Don’t forget to channel your inner every Sign under the Sun, use the seasons to your advantage!

When we tune into the frequency of the universe and operate on the same wavelength, magical things can happen for us in life. I’m an eternal optimist and for me, magic will always be real. 




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