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24 Jan

Hello, all my friends!! 

I hope that you've had a wonderful January thus far. As you know, the moon is kinda my thing. I love operating in synch with The Moon. Harnessing the energy of the New & Full Moon to set & reap intentions, respectively.

January 25th, is the start of a new Lunar Year & so I thought, what a great time to release a Two Word Story calendar that highlights the New & Full Moons every month!? 

Of course, I've included a section for you to write!! Each New Moon add your intentions for the cycle. When the Full Moon arrives, add in some detail on if your intentions have come to fruition & reflect on why or why not.

Print this calendar & add it to the fridge with a magnet, keep it with your planner, or even loose in you purse. It will help you stay on track with scheduling & also remind you to self-care (yes, setting & checking in on your intentions IS self-care) with the cycles of the moon.

I hope you enjoy this calendar, as much as I enjoyed making it & harness that lunar energy all year!!




P.S. - LUNA LUXE Is Live!!

Two Word Story has partnered with Primp & Play & Theta Soul Doctor, to bring you LUNA LUXE!! A lunar inspired meetup, for those who are looking to live a more inspired, intentional, invigorating life. Our next event is February 23rd, checkout the EventBrite for more details & to register!

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