I'M SAFE - A Sign Of The Times

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11 Apr

Sign Of The Times

As we watch COVID-19 race it’s way across the globe, social distancing & isolation have become our new norm… & it feels scary AF. After taking an IG Story Poll, you guys are feeling the same #mood, connection, & need the mantra I’M SAFE right now, as much as I do.

It’s hard feeling secure when you’re affected by global happenings, all out of your control. How do we get back that I'M SAFE feeling? Gotta look within &  turn up the dial on Emotional Resilience.


The Ability To Weather The Storm 

Come Out On The Other Side Shining

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Why Should You Care?

Investing in your emotional resilience will allow you to generate feelings of emotional and psychological safety & wellbeing from WITHIN, regardless of external circumstances. You alone control what you feel & how you react. You alone can make yourself feel safe.

What Do You Gain?

Taking responsibility for your emotional needs is empowering. It’s easy to focus on everything that you can’t control. If you can mindset reset on that -  you’ll realize that you’re actually in control of everything - from within.

The Breakdown

Tapping into self and building up your emotional resilience sounds daunting - like something you don’t want to do. Reminder: Things that cause growth, usually do not appear appealing (at all) before you start doing them.

That said, I’m not gonna sugar coat this. Sitting with & living through the mantra -  I’M SAFE - is very challenging. I keep reminding myself that challenging things are always rewarding in the end.

In order to make this super approachable for everyone, I’ve broken this down into smaller pieces. Five pieces to be exact.

Emotional Resilience Blueprint

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Attention/Focus - Flexibility & Stability
  3. Letting Go - Physical
  4. Letting Go - Mental
  5. Access & Sustain Positive Emotion

Click Here To Download Your Emotional Resilience Blueprint


  1. Do you know how you’re feeling & why?
  2. Can you recognize how your actions impact not only you, but those around you?
  3. Are you able to step back from a situation & take a 40,000ft view of the WHOLE pie, not only your slice?


School’s out early & mom never signed up to be a teacher. OH NOH. This is some hard shit. My attention and focus have had to completely reset (even though I resisted - it’s futile, lol). 

Part of being able to cope with new expectations, regarding how you divide your attention can be broken down into flexibility & focus.

  1. Are you able to be flexible & not fixed in your focus?
  2. Can you pivot to a different activity, if it is more high priority than what you’re working on now? 
  3. How do you work best? Do you need to focus 100% to complete something - no distractions? Or can you multitask - like a circus juggler?
  4. What are the best ways to make sure that your focus is used in the most productive way?

Letting Go - Physical

It is hard to yield & give in. Realize that you cannot insist on doing things the same. Relent & submit to the flow of the world. The biggest challenge is letting go. 

Letting go physically can mean many different things. You might literally be going through location withdrawals (lack of being able to go to your fave hangouts). Or perhaps you’re physically internalizing & holding onto the fury you have at being forced to quarantine (no one likes being forced to comply, without choice). 

Just let it go. Stop railing against forces you cannot win against. It is a waste of energy & life force.

Letting Go - Mental 

Letting go of physical things, is CAKE compared to letting go of mental shit. A lie we tell ourselves is that we can’t control our thoughts - how we fixate and obsess on something, replay injustices, disagreements, or just try & force COVID-19 to go away thru sheer mind power (not working). 

Again, the best thing that you can do for yourself & all who are around you, is to stop wasting time, energy, life force on things that you’ll never control. Let the universe worry & figure out those problems. Let your mental loops & traps GO. You don’t need them & will be lighter without them.

Accessing & Sustaining Positive Emotion

Positive emotion is always generated from within. Love yourself. Build yourself up. Be in control & in touch with how you feel & why. You will notice a marked change in your outlook when you are more in control of your interior emotions. Small changes, make big differences in habits. Try the above blueprint & take note of the difference in yourself. 

Spread your positive emotions as far as you can. Let others feel better from being around you (only family, stay inside, #StopTheSpread). Again, you may notice that others begin to absorb & adopt your positivity. Which makes being in the same house with your family actually... enjoyable & … shock of shocks... FUN!?!?!??

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Sign Of The Times Take Away

You don’t have to follow my Emotional Resilience Blueprint, it’s merely a starting point for the journey inward to - I’M SAFE. Of course everyone's journey is different, but all journey's will end with feeling - I'M SAFE - where it’s sunshine & rainbows, with unicorns, all the time.

The only sure thing about this time - where we don’t feel safe - is that it will end. Use this dormant period wisely and journey within, so that you can bloom.

Love and Light,


Click Here To Download Your Emotional Resilience Blueprint

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