Who Dis?


Hi, I'm Alia & I'm so glad you're here!I am a mom, a yoga instructor, reiki healer, spiritual wellness mentor, blogger, and above all else, the creator of Two Word Story.  This mindset movement is a simple, potent, & powerful mindset mantra, created by you, titling your story for your day with two empowering words.  Two Word Story is a way to keep your mind & soul feeling good.  It can be an intentional way of living, a way to manifest, a way to change the channel in your mind quickly to stay focused, motivated, positive, calm.   ⁣

My passion & purpose for creating & then sharing this mindset movement, stemmed from my own pain. I found myself all grown up but lost, anxious, depressed. After years of inner work I fought my way back to me. Self Salvage ain’t easy but I’m here to share my story, share how Two Word Story can help cultivate a healthy mindset on the reg.

What Is It?
TWO WORD STORY is a simple, potent, & powerful mindset mantra. Start your day the right way, make the decision to set your mind on positivity. It's much easier than you think, pick TWO WORDS that will propel, focus, & empower you throughout the day.

How to Use It?
Once you've set your TWO WORD STORY, repeat it all day. Having this center will allow you to keep calm under pressure, achieve your goals, & spread positivity everywhere you go.

What's Next?
The TWO WORD STORY Positivity Movement is catching steam and NEEDS YOUR HELP: Contact Me thru this site to collab & share together, check out the mindset blog Two Word Story Blog, connect with me on Instagram (@TwoWordStory_MindsetMovement).

**P.S. Check out Testimonials for what it's like to work with me!