Embrace A Healthy Mindset. Two Words At A Time.


Two Word Story was created through my own journey of struggle with mental health.  This is a Mindset Mantra for your mind, a mantra created by you for you. This Mindset Movement & growing community empowers each other to share your story.  This global movement strives to achieve better understanding, confidence, love, positivity, togetherness amongst our communities.  The Two Word Story mindset method can help regain control of your thoughts when your mind goes to a difficult place. Find calm amidst chaos, combat anxieties, manifest what your soul needs.  Phase up in life not down.  

Mindset is everything --> It frames our perceptions and experiences of the world. We all have struggles, no life is perfect. Ride the flow of what life brings your way, accept the challenges, harness the power of the right mindset while letting negativity go → OWN YOUR POWER.  Always step up for yourself, take action, make the changes, decide that you deserve everything. YOU DO.  YOU ARE LIGHT AND LOVE.

The future will bring blessings, miracles, and opportunities, along with struggles, challenges, and tests. Even the struggles are an opportunity for growth. Two Word Story helps make the effort, the choice to set your mind on more, chose to set your mind on positivity, intentionally channeling your Two Word Story Mantra in the moment, keeping you positive & focused.  Focus on the light, not the darkness with the right mindset.  Get out of your mind, into your soul to phase up in life with your Two Word Story.