MANIFEST DESTINY - Inspired by The Beginning of A New Astrological Year

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01 Apr


People talking about “manifesting your future”. I’ve always had the same question, what the heck does that even mean!?  About one year ago I decided it was time. Time to find out what the heck that menat, damnit!!!  After coming away from this study with a solid understanding, I was inspired to write this blog to share what I know & love about manifestation. Manifestation comes up a lot these days, especially in spiritual circles, and it’s a beautiful thing. I hope you will find this blog informative and helpful to you personally. 


The seed of inspiration began to take root while I was setting New Moon Intentions and of course, checking in on past visions I’d been manifesting. The New Moon cycle also kicked off the new astrological year, on April 5th. 


On some level, it means that people are becoming aware of how our thoughts, beliefs, and general mindset (MY FAVE) influence our experience.  The result. Magical. I always say “Our Mindset Is Our Magic.”  That’s essentially what the concept of manifestation is all about: focusing on what you desire, and attracting it through what you think, say, and do. Here’s the thing, though. That last part, the do part, is THE MOST IMPORTANT element of the manifestation process — and it’s the one that tends to be emphasized the least.  Until now. Let’s dive in a bit deeper.


Before we get started, I just wanted to take a minute to debunk a few myths about manifestation. 


Think “positive thoughts,” and all of your deepest desires will be fulfilled.


What happens to us in life is not exclusively tied to our thoughts. Otherwise I’d be Oprah. 😂 But seriously. I would be.


Although we can’t determine everything that happens to us in life, we all have the creative capacity to bring about change in our lives. Regardless of circumstance, we can bring about this change based on what we choose to think and believe.


As a Mindset Interrupter, this particularly resonates with me. This is the precise change that I seek to share with others, in order to help them effect change in their lives. When you interrupt a negative thought loop and chose to interpret your circumstances in positive and uplifting ways, suddenly misfortune is turned on it’s head and can become fortune. This is the power of thought.


Closing your eyes, wishing for what you want, and opening them again will result in finding whatever you just wished for right there, in front of you. 


The dreaming part is easy. And if we think of manifestation as simply dreaming the dream and waiting for it to materialize, we’re bound to be disappointed. 


The thinking, envisioning, and feeling parts of manifestation are but a small component to the whole. It’s in the doing that the real magic of manifesting exists. The most significant aspect of manifestation, the one thing that has the greatest likelihood of turning our dreams into reality:  COMMITTED ACTION.

Now, that I’ve filled you in on all the best details, dispelled a few myths, it’s time for me to give you the gem…


Step 1

Create just one vision & write it down.  Writing it on paper is wildly powerful.  

Step 2

Play out the scenarios of that vision. If I achieve this goal/vision how will it change my life for the better or quite possibly for the worse?

Step 3

Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts related to that vision. Imagine it as if it’s already come true.  


This is a huge reason why I journal & choose a Two Word Story Mindset Mantra daily.  It keeps me focused, positive & motivated towards my goal. It may sound extreme, but literally saying Your Mantra out loud to yourself, the sky, your friends, family, your God, does something. Saying aloud that which you wish to manifest, sets the words lose into the Universe, which is what it’s all about.

Step 4

Follow your heart to do everything you can that is related to achieving what you desire.  Research what you can do to achieve the vision. Remember to BE PATIENT.  Manifestation of a vision can take a while and you must clue into subtle clues along the way leading you to your vision.  

Step 5

Watch your vision become reality.

Step 6

After achieving the vision, reflect on how it actually feels, how you did it, how long it took, and if you are happy with the outcome.


Once you start getting the Step-By-Step of Manifestation down, you’re likely to notice that things you desire start showing up in your life. If you’ve set your mind to the right frequency and have taken COMMITTED ACTION: Why wouldn’t you get what you want?

I, for one, continue to believe wholeheartedly in our creative capacity and innate power we have to manifest our deepest desires.

Let’s keep dreaming big and weaving those dreams into reality. Manifesting our destinies, taking the journey that will align our intentions, thoughts, emotions, and actions to bring forth that which we’re seeking. For what we seek, seeks us too.



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